Shooting Sports Ranges



Rifle, Shotgun, Archery

Saffran ranges are available on a first-come, first served basis.  All reservations for ranges are made through the online reservation system.  A copy of applicable training cards (NRA, NAA or BSA) must be in the instructors’ possession while at camp. 
The fee for one half (1/2) day (a.m. or p.m.) of range use is $40. This fee includes:
Rifle:  12 guns, cleaning supplies, targets, eye and ear protection 
Shotgun:  2 shotguns, batteries (if applicable), eye and ear protection 
Archery:  8 bows, 40 arrows, 8 target butts, protective equipment 
Ammunition and pigeons should be provided by the unit. The rifles take .22 long rifle ammunition and the shotguns take .20 gauge 7 or 9 shot rounds. Replacement and additional arrows are available for $4 apiece.  The unit is responsible for cleaning the guns, picking up all spent rounds and removing all trash when done at the range.
A certified instructor and Range Safety Officer must be obtained by the unit.  If you need assistance in securing an instructor or RSO, contact the Shooting Sports Committee by
If you would like to become a member of the Shooting Sports Committee please send a request to


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