Working at Summer Camp in 2021

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Known Needed Positions for 2021

  • Program Director for Scouts BSA (Age 21+) - HIRED
  • Program Director for Cub Scouts (Age 21+) - HIRED
  • Quartermaster (Age 18+) - HIRED
  • Program Commissioner (Age 18+) - HIRED- Staff member will inspect unit campsites daily, working closely with leaders to fulfill their needs during their stay at camp; works closely with camp leadership to communicate information from leaders.
  • Aquatics Director (Age 21+) - HIRED This position will oversee lifeguards in their area (shown below).
    • Looking for Pool Director - HIRED
  • Lifeguards (Age 15+)Staff members who rotates between a pool facility and two waterfront locations to put on aquatics activities for Scouts. Red Cross Lifeguard trained preferred, but will train for BSA Lifeguard.
  • Eagle Summit Director (Age 18+) - HIRED
  • Scoutcraft Director - HIRED
  • Climbing Director
  • Trading Post Director (Age 21+) - HIRED
  • ConEc Director (Age 18+) - HIRED
  • First Year Camper Director (Age 18+) - HIRED
  • Older Boy Co-Directors (Age 21+) - Staff member facilitates a week-log program for older Scouts who are at least 14 years; works with the participating Scouts to put together higher adventure activities (hiking, rafting, outpost, rock climbing, etc); willing to be flexible and plan adventures within camp and outside of camp property.
  • CIT's (Age 15+) - See below for description.


Broad Creek Camp Staff (Seasonal paid positions)

Do you have the Scouting knowledge and spirit to work on Camp Staff at Broad Creek? If so, our camps are always looking for great staff members. If you are that person or know a Scout or Scouter that would make a difference on our staff, please have them complete an application. A summer of fun, fellowship, hard work, and uncounted rewards awaits!

It is critical to apply as soon as possible. We are holding two interview dates in the fall of 2020, making one of these two is important as we will be offering official employment to staff starting January 1st, 2021. If you can not make one of these two dates, applications will be reviewed for remaining open positions starting February 1st, 2021. Mark the below dates on your calendar so you do not miss out:


General Requirements for Employment

  • Minimum Age - Must be 16 on or before June 1st, 2021.
  • Registration in Scouting - All staff members must be registered with the BSA prior to working at camp. Registration can be secured at the time of hire.
  • Behavior - All staff members will live by the Scout Oath and Law at all times, and will read and agree to the policies and procedures listed in the staff handbook
  • Uniforms - The staff is expected to set an example of excellence, which includes proper uniform wear.
  • Salaries - Will be based on the position, responsibility, and qualifications.
  • Training - All staff members must report in time for staff training.

It is the policy of the Boy Scouts of America to offer equal employment opportunity, training, development, advancement and continuation of employment on the basis of relative qualifications and ability without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or physical handicap that is unrelated to an individual?s ability to perform the job assignment. Applicants are not required to give any information on this form that is prohibited by federal, state, or local law. Your completed application will be given every consideration, but with its receipt does not in any way imply that the applicant will be employed.

Specifically, matters affecting employment, volunteer work, application of both, respectively, and clientele, the Baltimore Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, will take affirmative action to insure that each employee, volunteer, applicant, and client will be accorded equal treatment. The commitment to this policy applies uniformly to all levels of administration.


What to Expect?

  • Hours - Broad Creek Camp Staff are expected to live on site for the duration of their employment, starting June 20th, 2021 for Staff Training Week and ending August 21st, 2021 after closeout. During this time, staff will be required to be at Broad Creek from noon on Sunday to noon on Saturday (for Scouts BSA, Cub Scouts has a different schedule). Staff will also have one "night off" a week, where up to 1/3 of the entire staff will not have active responsibilities after serving food for dinner. The only requirement is they are back and ready for the morning flag ceremony the next morning. During the week, hours of work will be from the morning flag ceremony (7:50am) till the end of program in the evening (~9pm).
  • Time Off - Staff are allowed to take time off to participate in family vacations, summer camp with their troop, or other similar situation. We ask for advance notice, which allows us to provide coverage for absence. Due to extensive absence, staff may not be eligible for a director position or other needed position.
  • Housing - Broad Creek has many housing types based on age, experience, gender, and availability. All under 18 staff will be housed in 2-3 person canvas wall tents. These tents have a wooden platform, metal frame to hold up the canvas, electricity (at least one outlet per person), and a metal bunk with camp style mattress. 18+ staff members can be placed in a staff cabin, which is a 2 bedroom building with a dedicated bathroom, wooden bunks with camp mattress, and a small kitchenette. There are other housing areas for Camp Directors, Program Directors, Commissioners, etc. that offer private rooms.
  • Food - All staff will be provided meals with the campers every day. Food allergies and special diets will be accommodated as best we can by the food service company. There is a 1-week rotation of meals, so be prepared for repeat meals.


Counselor-In-Training Program (Seasonal un-paid positions)

Broad Creek offers a Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program for Scouts who will be 15 years of age by June 1st, 2021. Applicants must be registered with an active Boy Scout Troop, Explorer Post, or Venture Crew. During your session as a CIT you will experience assignments in all areas of camp operations. This is an opportunity to find out if summer camp staff is for you, and what area you are best fitted for. Preference in selecting camp staff for future years will be determined by successful completion of your training and the CIT experience.

As you consider this opportunity, you and your parents should be aware that your pay would be the training you receive. Your room and board will be provided to you, along with Health and Accident insurance at no cost. The CIT program encourages Scouts to attend summer camp with their unit. However, the CIT must be available for staff week, and a minimum of at least two additional program weeks (total of 3 weeks during the summer camp season). Working the entire summer is a possibility if you are interested and the Camp Director/Program Director approve of you staying.

As a CIT, you will follow the rules and regulations of the camp at all times. These rules and regulations are defined in the staff manual that you will receive. Scouts interested should submit a staff application (linked above), attend the staff development weekends (shown above), and attend a staff interview (shown above).


Interview Dates

  • To be determined


Staff Development Weekends

We will be ready to meet staff arriving as early as 5pm Friday. If you will be arriving later than 8pm, let us know ahead of time.

Spring 2021

  • TBD - Camp staff will primarily focus on development and program design.
  • TBD - Camp staff will help with camp projects and required training.
  • Fall Event - TBD - Cub Family Weekend. Camp staff will be running program for Cubs and their families.
  • Directors Weekend - TBD - Directors and selected staff will work on program development, lesson plans, and staff site setup. Invitation only!
  • Staff Week - Work Week - June 13-19, 2021 - Available to all hired camp staff, focus will be on physical work to get Camp Saffran ready.
  • Staff Week - Program Week - June 20-26, 2021 - Required for all camp staff, this is the main training leading to the start of summer camp on June 27th.

There is another opportunity to help out on "pre-camp staff", which will run from May 26th to June 12th. This staff will be a relatively small group, selected by the Broad Creek Rangers and Council Program Director. They will be helping the Rangers prepare Broad Creek for summer camp. 


Staff Branded Items

Below are links for staff to order additional Staff T-Shirts and Hoodies, these links will not be live till 2021. Orders will be ready for staff during Staff Week - Program Week (dates above). All staff will receive 2 shirts as part of their employment, additional are sold at cost to staff. Costs will be $4 higher for each size if purchased during Staff Week due to rush ordering.

Staff Hoodie:

Staff T-Shirt:


Required Documents to Work at Camp: 



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